Design-studio by Andrey Ustyzhanin
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The city of Kazan
Walk in hot July day by the central part of capital of Tatarstan in gallery "The city of Kazan".

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Мастерская художественной ковки

Egor Ustyuzhanin

Has finished the Ural state architectural - art academy (Ekaterinburg).
Specializes in the field of three-dimensional computer schedules and television design.
The participant of the international festivals of a sandy sculpture in Belgium, China, Australia.
In combination - son Andrey Ustjuzhanina, and also its partner on tennis and the permanent sailor on a yacht "Kalambur".

Olga Ustyuzhanina

The student of faculty of arts and crafts of Institute of arts and design at the Udmurt state university (Izhevsk).
The basic directions of activity - figure, painting and a sculpture.

Sister Egor, and, accordingly, daughter Andrey Ustjuzhanin.

During campaigns on a yacht - the senior assistant to the captain on safety.

Anton Belousov

Has finished the Ural state architectural - art academy (Ekaterinburg).
Works in sphere of polygraphic advertising and an art photo.
Hobby - a snowboard.

The son of the best friend and brother-in-law Andrey Ustjuzhanin, - Alexander Belousov.

One of the most active builders of a yacht "Kalambur"; the participant of all lasting many days campaigns on a yacht on the Nizhnekamsk water basin during last fifteen years.

Workshop art iron "Gephest"

Art Iron
In the given section author's works in a genre art iron, made in workshop "Gephest" (Leninogorsk, Republic Tatarstan) are submitted.

All works are executed by manually qualified masters on traditional technologies.

Wishing to order submitted on this site or any other products of this genre, can make it to the address:

The prices and will pleasantly surprise terms of you!

Farit Farhetdinov

The artist, the animator, the motorcyclist, the musician and the athlete.
The original artist - schedule. The basic works are executed in a genre of a portrait and a free composition. The admirer of El Salvador Daly

Is fond of woodcarving. Has created an extensive series of exact wooden copies of pistols.

Independently reconstructed a motorcycle which photos have bypassed many popular motor-magazines.

Alexander Belousov

Designer and artist.
The friend and relative Andrey Ustjuzhanin.
In campaigns on a yacht - the permanent cook.

Basiliy Abaltusov

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