Design-studio by Andrey Ustyzhanin
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The city of Kazan
Walk in hot July day by the central part of capital of Tatarstan in gallery "The city of Kazan".

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Egor Ustyuzhanin

Egor Ustyuzhanin Egor Ustyuzhanin

Has finished the Ural state architectural - art academy (Ekaterinburg).
Specializes in the field of three-dimensional computer schedules and television design.
The participant of the international festivals of a sandy sculpture in Belgium, China, Australia.
In combination - son Andrey Ustjuzhanina, and also its partner on tennis and the permanent sailor on a yacht "Kalambur".

Egor began the professional - computer activity about ten years ago.
Under steadfast supervision of the father under the English textbook has mastered 3D Studio, and also Corel DRAW and Adobe Photoshop.

Parental diligence have not gone to waste - for a number of years Egor was the champion of Naberezhnye Chelny on computer games. Under nick Eraser in structure team of Naberezhnye Chelny team not time left on gamer-fights to Kazan and Izhevsk.

Now lives and studies in Ekaterinburg, means of subsistence earns basically abroad; the nearest purpose - to work in Hollywood.

To communicate to Egor it is possible by e-mail:

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